Healthy Living Classes and Seminars

Health is not merely an absence of disease; health is a positive state of creative self-expression feeling of joy, vitality, happiness. 

Our body holds the potential of being one of our greatest teachers.  We all have an innate wisdom that prevention is more precious and wise than cure. By tuning into your body you are able to learn about yourself and benefit physically and psychologically. 

Both active movement and quiet reflective time are essential for optimal health in today’s challenging world.  Rediscover ancient techniques for transforming yourself and create inner peace, renewed energy and a healthy supple body.

Our classes will guide you back to your inner voice and share some easy-to-learn techniques to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Please wear comfortable clothes (layers in case you get too warm or cold) and bring water to drink.

Tai Chi (Taiji) -  Meditation through Movement
Taiji is an ancient Chinese system of exercise, which dates back over 3,000 years.  This system of exercise focuses on integrating the body, mind, and spirit through movement.  Only by first controlling one's own movement, can the mind be quieted and the spirit nourished. 

This workshop will give you a sampling of the basic principles used in the art of Taiji.   Experience enhanced body awareness, improved balance, strength and flexibility and increased energy, mental clarity and calmness.

Healthy Living Seminars

Enhance Your Health with Reflexology
Reflexology is a wonderful and effective massage technique used to enhance  the body’s own healing process.  Results are accomplished by stimulating specific reflex points on the feet (and hands) that correspond to organs, glands, joints, limbs and body parts. 

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn the basic reflex points of the feet and how to apply them to yourself and others to relieve stress and tension and maintain good health.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring 2 pillows and 2 towels.

Renew Yourself with Meditation
True stillness comes naturally from moments of solitude when we allow our minds to settle.  Meditation is the purest and most natural expression we can have.  Discover the richness and texture of being in the present moment. 

Learn simple meditation skills to enhance your life.  Breathing, sitting, lying down and walking techniques from various Eastern practices will be covered.  You will experience profound relaxation, calmness and clarity.

Please bring a towel or small blanket.

Awaken the Spirit - A Day for Women
“Listen to the delicate vibrations of your soul and allow your spirit to blossom. . .” 

Experience the mystery and power of women gathering together.  Share moments of clarity and purpose to discover and cultivate your inner power.  Gain strength, confidence, and energy through specialized breathing techniques; exercises to stimulate and balance your body; meditations to quiet your mind; and simple ceremony to nourish your spirit.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Express Yourself
Take part in this wonderful and exciting journey of motion and emotion.  Enhance your creativity, promote feelings of well being and discover your true self through dance and breath.  Dance is a physical experience that stimulates the senses and encourages personal expression.  Breathing is our link between our bodies and the world outside us.  Explore your unique rhythms and  energies utilizing these powerful tools. Get yourself moving and have some fun! 

Wear comfortable, layered clothes, bring a towel and water to drink.

The Art of Self-Massage
Did you know that besides feeling good, massage therapy helps diminish or eliminate some of the effects of aging? Massage can increase blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, promote better sleep, improve posture and encourage overall well being.

This course will teach you simple and easy-to-learn massage techniques that you can perform on yourself. You will learn acupressure points and massage techniques that will bring you comfort, improve your health and enhance your quality of life. We will discuss and learn how massage therapy can help relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as sinus congestion, headaches, general aches and pains, digestion and elimination problems, low energy and stress.

Please bring a hand towel and your favorite lotion or cream.

Massage for Couples
Offering massage is truly a gift of the heart. Both you and your partner will learn how to share massage with each other in your own private three hour massage clinic.  Experience and learn basic massage techniques for relaxation and healing, the use and application of oils and creams and the do’s and don’ts of massage to ensure safety and comfort. Your instructor will provide all supplies and handouts. Please wear bathing suits or similar for your privacy and ours.

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